VIP Lounge 010

Last night’s VIP Lounge is now available to stream from Mixcloud. Here’s the track list from the show which you can stream below.

If you like it and feel inclined, do give it a  and  – Thanks!

Track List:

  1. Open Your Mind by Volac
  2. Pushin’ (Original Mix) by FEX (IT)
  3. Listen (feat. Abrax Phaeton) by Volac
  4. Congestion by Al Gibbs & Steve O
  5. Cupcakes (Original Mix) by The Squatters
  6. Last Blow by Giuseppe Caruso
  7. Cold Sweat (Edit) by Emanuel Satie
  8. Tayo by Gorge
  9. All The People by Yakeshi
  10. House Music (Uto Karem Remix) by Eddie Amador
  11. Take Me To The Rhythm (Johnwaynes Remix) by Soul Minority
  12. Little Higher by Dario D’Attis
  13. I Had This Thing (Joris Voorn Remix) by Röyksopp