So much happening…

There’s a ton of stuff I’d like to share, but it’s still just a little too early to spill the beans. Here’s the nuts and bolts until I can…

Forthcoming EP

Now mastered and with two of the three remixes completed, Soul Academy’s follow up to Is It Maybe? should be hitting stores in the next few weeks. With the backing of a quality label and stunning remixes by fine producers, the new track also features the spoken word of electronic genius, Alka, who kindly (and brilliantly) delivered a few lines exclusively for the track. Stay tuned for more information about remixes and release dates.

Soul Academy Remix

Last week, whilst I lay in bed nursing a particularly nasty strain of man flu, sign off by the original artist and another legendary label for the first Soul Academy remix was given. Took a couple of days for this to sink in – probably because I’ve slept about 18 hours every day since Thursday (though Elisa says that has nothing to do the bug). Now it has, I’m feeling hugely honoured and can’t wait to share the EP.

DJ Guest Mixes

Deeper seems to have been well received and I’m delighted to have been asked to guest mix three or four shows over the next few weeks. Again, more information about DJ mixes and Deeper itself always available through the Soul Academy Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also follow Soul Academy on Mixcloud.