Ng’ambo (Free Download)

In October, I was lucky enough to travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar and had a fantastic couple of weeks. I enjoyed the trip so much, I felt inspired to put together an African-inspired track as soon as I touched down. I started work on this track a few weeks ago but it was parked to make sure a number of remix deadlines were hit. I finally got around to finishing this last week and wanted to make it a FREE

DOWNLOAD (download link in the SoundCloud Player below) – well, it’s that time of year, after all.

A big thanks to Pano Manara for hunting down a spoken word sample of the word ng’ambo which you’ll hear in the track – and of course to Tony Tewes of Claudave Mastering for his excellent work.

The cover art is a photo which I took in the part of Stonetown, Tanzania which is referred to as Ng’ambo, which means “the other side” in Swahili. I loved the photo (which was completely unintentional) so much, it became the inspiration for the music and the cover art.

I hope you enjoy it and the only thing I ask in return is that you join the mailing list – link in the sidebar. Of course, you don’t have to. But it would be nice 🙂