Is It Maybe? – Out NOW!

Deep House Vol. 4

“Great VA, 4 tracks are quality music, Soul Academy is my fav. Thanks so much.” ~ Deephope.

VA nUMusic Deep House Vol. 4

Honoured to announce the release of my first track with deep house label, UM Records today.

The fourth of UM Records’ nUMusic Deep House Volumes opens with Soul Academy’s Is It Maybe? which label boss, Richie Hartness describes as “a moody track rich with a late night throb and drifting chords peppered with vocal sparkles.”

Alex M.I.F’s Golden Skyline retains the deep theme adding “an optimistic terrace vibe that rises like the Ibiza sun after the wildest night of your life – gloriously deep and emotive.”

Track three is from Meloder (Pole Position) a name UM fans will be familiar with after a couple of quality remixes. Helios toughens the sound with slamming tech attitude, layered with keys and killer drops – a tune which will “ignite the night for sure.”

Last up is Xavier Arak (Kommunikation, Consortium) with the dark and twisted 99 Problems – a track that “pushes on into the heart of the dance floor with some hypnotic chords and keys.”

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“Another great nUMusic Deep House series!” ~

“Lots going on here that I like a LOT! Really nice variety of melodics and sounds. I dig…” ~ Terry Vernixx

“Some tasty tracks Soul Academy winning for me and Alex M I F drops some serious moods.” ~ Matt Prehn

“Nice deep and melodic EP.” ~ Marc Cotterell

“Soul Academy is great, but Meloder’s Helios is my pick 🙂 Thanks!!” ~ Rishi K.

“Soul Academy gives you constant beat with a smooth melodic driver of a class track and the Deep laid back vibes of Golden Skyline has a stunning quality about it with an amazing breakdown couldn’t stop bobbing my head to this one… 99 Problems (Original Mix) takes you on a real journey with its scattering beats and sweeping Sounds slapping you right on to the dance floor, and as for Meloders Helios ! Wow If That doesn’t get em dancing nothing will.. Quality Tunes!!! “Big System Tune” Top Package UM Records Thanks for the tunes Full Support.” ~ Mark Mac

“Great ep!!!!” ~ Javier Alemany

What’s next?

Bringing you some of the world’s finest deep house artists – including Tidy Daps, Deep Spelle, Rishi K, Dilby, Deep Active Sound, Tim Andresen, Big Al & Deephope – UM Records is set for an amazing 2015.

Hoping to announce more releases with UM Records in the coming months.