I Won’t Say Never

UM Records – 10 April 2017 Here’s what the label says… Soul Academy returns home with a new slice of shimmering Chicago inspired cool and captivating vocals from Shaun J Wright. Remixes come from 3am’s Al Bradley – a low-slung late night groover, Phasen with a sublime minimal electronic journey celebrating the vocals that’s packed with atmosphere. Wrapping things up comes Charlie Synphonia’s remix – deeper, warm moods gently wrapping themselves around your soul. Laid back deepness of the finest blends. Hear the previews below and buy the release from 10 April 2017.

Deeper Show 007

More tech than Q. More menace than Blofeld – Deeper 007. With a couple of guest mixes, two new releases, a new track and a remix completed, May was busy! It’s been great to indulge a little with a new Deeper Show, where I get to choose exactly what I want to spin so this is one for the dance floor. It’s wall to wall deep, tech house with a little bit of funky goodness thrown in – not least, by way of Tony S remix of Adam Byrd’s new tune, “Sweetest Sin” which is out soon on Haute Musique. Full, time-stamped track list on Mixcloud and details of theContinue Reading

Deeper Show 004

Deeper Show 004 brings new names to the regular Soul Academy mix including an absolute beauty of a show opener from Tommy Bones featuring Lydia Rhodes. Dropping into Alvaro Smart’s “Kool 96” – which really is – followed by “Simple Things” from Maya Jane Coles, the show cuts a neat path through the new UM Records release from Filter Bear and Luka Sambe (whose fabulous “Knee Pads” opened my debut show on DHR this week) to David Devilla and Elisabeth Aívar’s “Queri” – fabulously remixed by Nikki Lee. Along the way, you’ll catch another UM Records release – brand new from Phil Maher (remixed by DJ Deeka) – and tracksContinue Reading

Are You Ready?

Upside down you’re turning me Having read a couple of interesting posts by Richie Hartness about the need for artists to promote their music and not rely on labels to do this single-handedly, I decided to stand on my head in the centre of Manchester during Christmas (and grab a funky time lapse video in the process) if I reached 150 likes of my new artist page over the course of a weekend.

UM212 – A Personal Milestone

Last Christmas I discovered Richie Hartness’ label UM Records via his Best of 2013 podcasts. Late to the party, I know, but I was so impressed with the tunes, Richie’s mixes and the undeniable quality of the label, that I set to work on my own deep house tunes with a new found energy. I had been producing a pretty eclectic mix of electronic music over the previous few years, with no particular direction and had kind of lost my way during 2013. The New Year (as for so many people) represented a new chapter and an opportunity to bring a solid focus to my music.