Deeper Show 009

Deeper is back with a definite summer vibe! After recording a few guest mixes again this month and completing a couple of new tracks and remixes, it was great to get behind the decks again. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this one together and it includes tracks from names new to the Deeper Show as well as some old favourites like Phil Maher, Lucas Perrazi, Greenfish (with no fewer than THREE tracks in this mix) and Tommy Bones.

Deeper Show 008

A bumper harvest! 77 minutes of deep house, tech house and dance tracks mixed by Soul Academy. Really excited to be sharing some great music again in Deeper Show 008, featuring original tracks by Fernando Campo, DJ Tezzo, Mike Vale, Igor Gonya, Nils Penner and The Cheapers. You’ll also find remixes of Sandy Barber, Phil Maher, Jero Nougues, Anthony Mea, Black Coffee & Tortured Soul, BiG AL and Angel Rize. I’ve also included a pre-mastered version of a forthcoming Soul Academy remix of Phil Maher’s ‘Givin’ It Up’ – out soon on Deep Clicks (early doors, world exclusive and all that!). Stream Track List Sandy Barber – I Think I’llContinue Reading

Deeper Show 007

More tech than Q. More menace than Blofeld – Deeper 007. With a couple of guest mixes, two new releases, a new track and a remix completed, May was busy! It’s been great to indulge a little with a new Deeper Show, where I get to choose exactly what I want to spin so this is one for the dance floor. It’s wall to wall deep, tech house with a little bit of funky goodness thrown in – not least, by way of Tony S remix of Adam Byrd’s new tune, “Sweetest Sin” which is out soon on Haute Musique. Full, time-stamped track list on Mixcloud and details of theContinue Reading

Deeper Show 006

A little more emphasis on tech house sounds than usual, with some straightforward dance music thrown in for good measure, Deeper 006 is still as deep as ever with tracks from Moe Turk, Clyde, Deeper Than L & Danny O, Mercury and many more. This mix includes the latest release from Addex (remixed by Jero Nougues, my very good friend who has delivered a stunning remix for my forthcoming EP, “Give It” – out next month on Haute Musique). Also in the mix is the new release from the Moti Brothers, the beautifully produced track, “New Love Ending” out now on Ready Mix Records. Stream Track List Moe Turk –Continue Reading