Support for ‘Can’t Control…’ from Strictly Underground Music

Couldn’t be happier with the support which the forthcoming Soul Academy EP, ‘Can’t Control The Way I Feel’ has received this week from the fantastic folks at Strictly Underground Music. “We like how Soul Academy is not afraid to take you on a journey, making use of a range of sounds from across the sound spectrum that take you from very loungy vibes to more drum and bass driven sounds. The vinyl (a limited edition print of 250 copies) features the original mix plus the remixes from Deephope, Phasen and Phil Maher, while the digital version (which comes as a bonus if you buy the vinyl) features three additional remixesContinue Reading

Deeper Show 007

More tech than Q. More menace than Blofeld – Deeper 007. With a couple of guest mixes, two new releases, a new track and a remix completed, May was busy! It’s been great to indulge a little with a new Deeper Show, where I get to choose exactly what I want to spin so this is one for the dance floor. It’s wall to wall deep, tech house with a little bit of funky goodness thrown in – not least, by way of Tony S remix of Adam Byrd’s new tune, “Sweetest Sin” which is out soon on Haute Musique. Full, time-stamped track list on Mixcloud and details of theContinue Reading