So much happening…

There’s a ton of stuff I’d like to share, but it’s still just a little too early to spill the beans. Here’s the nuts and bolts until I can… Forthcoming EP Now mastered and with two of the three remixes completed, Soul Academy’s follow up to Is It Maybe? should be hitting stores in the next few weeks. With the backing of a quality label and stunning remixes by fine producers, the new track also features the spoken word of electronic genius, Alka, who kindly (and brilliantly) delivered a few lines exclusively for the track. Stay tuned for more information about remixes and release dates. Soul Academy Remix Last week,Continue Reading

Deeper Show 003

With a heavy focus on rhythm, Deeper 003 includes no fewer than three tracks from BiG AL, one being the stunning Qlons remix of ‘Mind Pillow’, a collaboration between Al and Rishi K. The regular retrospective comes courtesy of show opener ‘Dance To The Rhythm’ by The Untouchables backing into ‘Rhythm Theory’ by Tony S. From the Dub Mix of ‘This is House’ to ‘Open Up Your Spirit’ from Terrence Parker, Deeper 003 is topped off with the sublime ‘Paraggio Bay (Original Mix)’ from the huge talent, Portofino Sunrise.