Are You Ready?

Upside down you’re turning me Having read a couple of interesting posts by Richie Hartness about the need for artists to promote their music and not rely on labels to do this single-handedly, I decided to stand on my head in the centre of Manchester during Christmas (and grab a funky time lapse video in the process) if I reached 150 likes of my new artist page over the course of a weekend.

UM212 – A Personal Milestone

Last Christmas I discovered Richie Hartness’ label UM Records via his Best of 2013 podcasts. Late to the party, I know, but I was so impressed with the tunes, Richie’s mixes and the undeniable quality of the label, that I set to work on my own deep house tunes with a new found energy. I had been producing a pretty eclectic mix of electronic music over the previous few years, with no particular direction and had kind of lost my way during 2013. The New Year (as for so many people) represented a new chapter and an opportunity to bring a solid focus to my music.

Is It Maybe?

08.12.14 marks Soul Academy’s first release with deep house label, UM Records. New Zealand’s finest deep house label brings you the very best producers from around the world and attracts the most discerning deep house listeners.